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Fabricated Part

Fabricated Part
- Produce mechanical part, jig & fixture by CNC machine, milling machine, lathe machine.


Modifier automation machine
- Improve the machine to fix PLC program including modify machanic part.

About us

        Snowface Co., Ltd. is a factory automation solution. We were established in June, 2006 with the main purpose of support production in the industry manufacturing. We are ready to improve, solve problems and develop the production line system. With technology and design team, both electrical programmers and mechanical designer, writing drawings, producing work pieces according to the assembly, installation, testing, work and training minister maintenance and automation machine. Including after-sales service by a professional team.

Our portfolio

Assembly Machine
Tester and Measurement Machine
Vision Machine
Robots System
Washing Tray
Conveyor System
Jig and Fixture
Marking Machine

Our Production

พนักงานกว่า 40 คน
พื้นที่โรงงาน 1,200 ตารางเมตร

Our Customer


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Contact us

บริษัท สโนว์เฟซ จำกัด
261/11 ม.8 ต.สุรศักดิ์ อ.ศรีราชา จ.ชลบุรี 20110
Tel. 038-060151
Fax. 038-060108


K. Sayan Seedachompoo
Tel. 089-155-9394
Line ID. 0891559394

Laser cut

K. Panya Tovinus
Tel. 087-822-2518
Line ID. panyato