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About us

• Design, Development and Build of Machines for Automation
• In-house pool of Design Engineers with expertise to Design and Build the above with a roving and detailing eye on Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Interfaces
• Use of Standard Products, Modules, Platforms and Elements in the design, which makes it easy for Replaceability & Serviceability due to wear and tear, during Post-Warranty period of the machines
• Interface use of the Most widely and commonly used Programmable Logic Controllers viz., Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and PC Based systems like VB, .Net etc.
• Interfacing Articulated, SCARA and Collaborative Robots along with Machine Vision/Computer Vision system has been our forte and Unique Selling Points
• We work along with most of these Module, Interface Makers of International Repute and continuously upgrade them in our Machine design deployment to keep up with the trends of Modernization
• Safety and Ease of Use, Access to Vantage Points for Cleaning, Lubrication and Re-tightening to comply with TPM, MTBF and MTTRвЂs so that the uptime of our Machines once installed are always high .

Assembly Machine
Test and Measurement Machine
Vision Machine
Robots system

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